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Our personalised magnets are a fabulous way to display your little one’s creations.

Use them as a magnetic wall dot, on the fridge, or as the perfect add-on to our super popular magnetic display bar.


The magnets come in four different styles, and you can personalise each one with your little one’s name. There are three different fonts to choose from, and there is also the extra special option of having your little one’s handwritten name etched onto the magnet. It’s a truly personalised product for your little artist.


Designed with our arty daughter in mind, we are thrilled to offer this to your little art lovers as well.




Please get your child to use a ballpoint pen or marker pen.


The paper should be plain, not lined.


The photo needs to be well-lit with no shadows.

After you purchase -

send a clear photo of your child’s written name to You MUST include the order number in the email title.

Thank you!




This product contains small parts, including magnets. Please use your discretion to determine if this product is suitable for your child.


Feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance! 😊

Personalised Magnetic Display Dots

PriceFrom £6.95

2 for £12*

  • Square - 75 mm x 75 mm

    Rectangle - 80 mm wide x 50 mm tall

    Round - 75 mm

    Arch - 75 mm tall x 70 mm wide



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