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Our Feelings Board is a beautiful resource to foster a strong and healthy connection between our little ones and their big feelings. I designed this board to help start up regular, crucial conversations with my little ones.


⭐️ Encouraging them to identify thier feelings.

⭐️ Understanding why they are feeling the way they do.

⭐️ Reassuring them that ALL feelings are normal and valid.

⭐️ And importantly over time, begin to create ways to own and manage their big emotions.


I truly have found this feelings board to be so beneficial at home. I want to share it with others who will love it too.




The board is personalised to your child, with their name engraved pride of place.

*If you want to keep the board to be used by multiple children, you could always put ‘MY or OUR’ instead of a name*


Our emotions magnets come with little faces to help kiddos identify what each emotion means /feels like.


We like to use positive affirmations or gratitude flash cards with the helpful thought space. There are many different types to purchase out there. Another lovely idea is to use this space to display drawings/ notes that you and your kiddos work on together. See the pictures for our examples.




This product contains small parts, including magnets. Please keep this product out of the hands of any very little ones. And please use your discretion to determine if this product is suitable for your child.

The A.C Feelings Board - Small

  • HEIGHT 225 mm

    WIDTH 140 mm

    15 x Word Tabs

    1 x Dot


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