Hello House Shelf!


We've been working away on some gorgeous new ideas, and are very excited to show you our beautiful new house shelf!


Modeled on the super popular house mural in my daughter's room (@autumnscorneruk)

This is luxury shelving that will bring a WOW to your child's room.


Creating a stunning wall feature while providing room for your kiddie's books and pretty decor. This shelf is the whole package


We love it, we hope you love it too!






House Shelf with Solid Oak Ledges & Trim

  • Width - 60 cm 
    Height - 80 cm


    Bottom Shelf: 60 cm
    Middle Shelf: 30 cm
    Top Shelf: 40 cm 

    Depth: 5 cm

    Dowel Hook

    25 mm dia
    Legth 5 cm